Design Sprints

Let your team guide you in the design process from problem definition to interactive prototype within 2 days

Why a Design Sprint?

Come together in a creative mind set

In a Design Thinking workshop, team members come together with an attitude of openness and creativity. They encourage each other to think freely, share ideas, and inspire each other. This helps generate innovative solutions and build a close-knit team.

Learn to solve problems from a design methodology

Every customer problem can be solved in the iterative design method from UX and Service Design: put yourself in the user's shoes, generate ideas, make solutions testable and ask for feedback as soon as possible.

Discover opportunities for innovation and success

By converging from abstract ideas into testable solutions and validating them early with users, concrete action points are created that add value to growth and success for your organization.

Design Thinking for your organization?

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What does a Design Thinking workshop look like?


Getting to know users


Defining the problem


Generating ideas and solutions


Prototype building


Validate with users

Who is the host?

As a freelance Sr. Digital Product Designer, I have more than 15 years of experience in exploring strategic directions by presenting interactive prototypes to users early. Including stakeholders on the customer side is key here. In my two-day Design Sprint, I like to take others along in my passion for the profession.

Design Thinking for your organization?

Book a call to learn more about the workshop.

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Want to know more?

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Revi K├Ârnmann

Sr. Digital Product Designer