Digital strategy, design systems and prototyping

Hi! My name is Revi, Digital Product Designer with more than 20 years of experience in various industries. I help organizations understand the target group and visualize the ideal customer journey. With Design Systems, prototypes and functional specifications, I help development teams and stakeholders to bring the product vision to production in scalable iterations.


Revi's contribution to expand the iOS bottom sheet use cases were highly appreciated. Your understanding and insights of the platforms are commendable. Our collaboration on payment method selection sheet went well, and resulted in a highly reusable and configurable sheet.

Dheeraj Chahar

Sr. iOS developer - Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Revi knows a great deal about UX. When I compare Revi with the other UX people I've worked with, he really stands out. Revi is calm and patient. This enables him to properly deal with all the ad-hoc changes/requests that happen regularly in our team.

Hanna Hermsen

Sr. Android developer - NS

The NS app design team should take pride in their accomplishments. It is rare to encounter an internal design team that operates at such a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. Their commitment to excellence is evident throughout their design process and collaboration with the Nessie team. To put it bluntly, the NS app design team’s approach is one that many would aspire to work within. Their commitment to transparency, collaboration, and the pursuit of design excellence is commendable and serves as an inspiration to others in the field.


Author of 'NS App tech debt assessment'

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