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NS as the best multimodal travel provider in the Netherlands


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NS is committed to improved mobility. In the NS app, we integrate shared bikes, scooters and cars to enrich the travel experience. Through this expansion, we want to reduce the threshold between train journeys and final destinations. The ease of payment is increased with the possibility to easily pay via the NS-Business Card or NS Flex.

With this strategy, NS positions itself as a forerunner in integrated mobility solutions.

My role

Together with product owners, service designers, solution architects, business analysts and the Nessie Design System team I set up a product vision for integrating interactive maps and shared transport into the NS app. After testing these concepts, the broad outlines of epics and user stories are invested with the development team and I supplement them with design specifications, prototypes and Gherkin scenarios.



Multimodal complexity

TIER, MyWheels, OV-fiets, Greenwheels: each party provides data in its own way. This includes vehicle properties, price calculations, parking rules and operational areas. To gain insight into the various API endpoints that are called for this purpose, we created an architecture plate where we plotted the api links on the end to end customer journey.

Tech and UX debt

The NS-app contains various, stand-alone map applications. This ensures that much location-specific information cannot be offered in a relevant user context. Furthermore, it lacks feature parity between Android and iOS and the app still includes a lot of legacy front-end that has not yet migrated to the Nessie Design System. In our development team, we've invested a lot of time in cleaning back-end processes, removing unused features and replacing legacy front-end with Nessie components. When it comes to mobile app navigation, in collaboration with the Nessie Design System team, I defined UX guidelines and provided components.


Pilot phase: Rent a TIER bike sharing in the NS app with NS-Business Card

To test the API links, we have realized a pilot where finding, activating, driving, and ending a TIER shared bike ride is integrated into the NS app and is paid for with the NS-Business Card.

Phase 2: TIER rollout to NS Flex

After improving the flow for NS-Business Card users, we have unlocked the TIER shared bicycles for consumers (NS Flex subscribers).

Phase 3: Scaling up with CHECK scooters, Greenwheels cars and other shared mobility providers.

Now that the generic flow for finding, booking, driving and terminating has taken shape, it is time to scale up the offer.Map improved for train and public transport travelersInformation about departure times, railway numbers, delays and public transport stops improved.


Revi's contribution to expand the iOS bottom sheet use cases were highly appreciated. Your understanding and insights of the platforms are commendable. Our collaboration on payment method selection sheet went well, and resulted in a highly reusable and configurable sheet.
Dheeraj Chahar
Sr. iOS developer - Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Revi knows a great deal about UX. When I compare Revi with the other UX people I've worked with, he really stands out. Revi is calm and patient. This enables him to properly deal with all the ad-hoc changes/requests that happen regularly in our team.
Hanna Hermsen
Sr. Android developer - NS
The NS app design team should take pride in their accomplishments. It is rare to encounter an internal design team that operates at such a high level of efficiency and effectiveness. Their commitment to excellence is evident throughout their design process and collaboration with the Nessie team. To put it bluntly, the NS app design team’s approach is one that many would aspire to work within. Their commitment to transparency, collaboration, and the pursuit of design excellence is commendable and serves as an inspiration to others in the field.
Author of 'NS App tech debt assessment'