FedEx Ship Manager

Redesign of the FedEx global shipping platform











FedEx Ship Manager is the online shipping platform that creates millions of shipping labels every day for packages and documents delivered to 220 countries. The shipping platform has proven its worth but is now in need of innovation. An external supplier has started a Design System and all shipping applications must connect to it. At the same time, high-effort tasks (such as providing documentation required for customs clearance) need to be improved.

My role

As a FedEx Digital team member I worked closely with UX designers, researchers and external parties from both NL and the US. Based on accumulated user insights I developed prototypes for new user research and design specifications for multiple development teams.



With great reach comes great responsibility

Redesigning an application that contributes substantially to a total annual turnover of $84 billion (2021) requires a thorough approval process: each iteration takes into account the legal requirements of each country in which it is deployed. To accelerate the progress of this process, we have set up an approval workflow that makes it clear to all stakeholders at the user story level which 'approval stamps' have already been obtained.

Design System

The FedEx Design System was designed in the US and produced in The Netherlands. With the introduction of themes such as “compact” and “comfortable”, the UI adapts to the user's level of knowledge. Whether you're sending a package for the first time or you're managing many shipments every day.


Start with research

If there is already a basis for a Design System, there is a temptation to crawl right into the Wacom pen and drag the UI together. In contrast, we started with extensive research into the information needs and functional expectations of end users. Together with gathering quantitative insights, we thus created a continuous feedback loop where each design and development iteration could be validated.


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